Old Framlinghamians 6646, History


The  O F Lodge No:6646 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England had its Warrant issued on the 3rd March 1948, it is the daughter lodge to Fidelity Lodge No:555 the Framlingham Town Lodge.

The first meeting was held at the College in April 1948, the First Master was W Bro L J Martin PPGW (Suffolk) who was a Founder along with Harold Austin Kingwell K (27-32) who was the Senior Deacon, becoming WM in 1951.

The First initiate was Phillip Simper R (25-30), who celebrated 50 years in masonry in 1999.
The membership is now open to OF's, family members i.e. Sons, Fathers or Husbands of OF’s, male staff members and Masters of the College.


We are very privileged to have the Past Provincial Grand Master of Norfolk Ian Bruce  G(43 – 48) and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Suffolk Robert Mayhew R(53-60) and the Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Suffolk A Vaughan Pryce K(44 – 47)  as members.

The photograph below is of W.Bro Philip Simper P.S.G.W.

The first Initiate of the Old Framlinghamians Lodge 6646 in 1949, receiving his 50 Years Certificate and a presentation of a Cut Glass Biscuit Barrel from the Very Worshipful A. Vaughan Pryce (P.G.Swd.B). Deputy Provisional Grand Master of Suffolk, at the installation meeting of Brother Christopher Russell-Fish G (77-82) at Framlingham College on the 28th August 1999.

W.Bro Simper 

Here are some pictures from the 60 years Anniversary meeting held at Fidelity Lodge 555, April 2008 in Framlingham.

Pictured below are the W.Bro John Halahan S (72-75)

The Provincial Grand Master of Suffolk - Barry Ross,

and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Robert Mayhew OF



And below,W.Bro John Halahan toasting the Lodge with a celebratory glass of Champagne!




WM 2012

Post Installation Meeting 2012


(L-R) V.W.Bro Robert Mayhew Past DPGM R56-60, W.Bro Wallace King (WM Godfather) Worshipful Master W.Bro James Giller M81-86, W.Bro Andrew McLeod S56-62, W.Bro Ron Hanton Provincial Senior Warden

Suffolk Provincial Lodge History

PGL Suffolk
Freemasonry reached Suffolk in the 1730's, following the formation of the first Grand Lodge in 1715. As the number of Lodges spread outwards from London, the Grand Lodge decided that it needed to regulate, and retain control of, the activities of the lodges under its jurisdiction, and it introduced a second tier of management; the Province.
Provinces were generally based on existing county boundries, and in 1772 the Province of Suffolk was instituted. For some years this was a very informal arrangement led by a Provincial Grand Master, who was responsible for the oversight of all the Lodges in Suffolk, and who could himself establish new Lodges.
In time a Provincial hierarchy came into being, with its own officers, corresponding to those of the Lodges, and promotion to these offices became and intermediate honour for the members of the Lodges.
As the population of Suffolk grew in the 19th century, so the number of Lodges grew, from 14 in 1813 to 22 in 1900, and continued to grow thereafter to the present 64 Lodges.
These Lodges are spread throughout Suffolk, but all accept the regulations laid down by Grand Lodge, and all are supervised by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk, all led by the present:


Provincial Grand Master: I.Barry J.Ross.
Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge

 Provincial Grand Secretary: David Harries
Freemasons' Hall
Soane Street
Email (General Enquiries)

Tel: 01473 232432